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What our customers say

"When we go away I need to know that my cat is not just in safe hands, but being properly cared for in every way. And this is exactly what Glitterpaws does! Missy Moo genuinely loves Kirstie and I can enjoy my time away with total peace of mind. Everyone's happy!"

Emma, Steyning

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Our cat sitting service

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Whether you are planning a holiday, taking a weekend break, have to go on a business trip or attend to some other last minute sudden emergency, you don't need the added worry of 'Who will look after the cat?'

Glitterpaws cat sitting offers the 'cat preferred' alternative to a cattery. Best of all, it is easier for you too, there is no need to fight your cat into a travel basket and spend time you haven't got taking them to a cattery.

Cats are territorial animals and when they are forcibly moved away from their familiar surroundings they suffer from high levels of stress, some even stop eating for days at a time. They like to be at home.

Your cat will still miss you but you can relax and enjoy your holiday knowing that they will get the personal attention and care they crave.

By using Glitterpaws you can ensure that your cat will enjoy the continuity of their normal daily life as much as possible by maintaining the normal diet, environment, routines and most of all the luxurious lifestyle he/she has become accustomed to.

Your cat will be visited in their own home every day and provided with fresh food and water, the litter box will be cleared (with a complete clean as appropriate) and most importantly plenty of cuddles, playtime and TLC.

Why should I use Glitterpaws home cat sitting service?

  • Cost effective alternative to using a cattery in West Sussex
  • Insured and CRB police checked
  • Peace of mind for you
  • Less stress for your cat - minimal change to their daily routine
  • Reliable, local service with many happy cats and customers
  • More spare time for you - no need to transport your cat to or from a cattery

Glitterpaws provide a range of cat sitting care packages to suit you and your cats needs.

You can view these on the Prices page of this website.